¡Ü 2010

FW10 New York Collection

SS11 New York Collection

PUMA + CBS Collaboration

M.NET TV Program ¡®Superstar K season 2- SUPER Director

CONCEPT KOREA, Interactive Waves

National Brand Kinloch by Kinloch Anderson- Creative Director

DongA TV ¡®2010 Creative Designer¡¯



FW11 New York Collection

SS12 New York Collection

NY Fashion Week ¡®IMG Next Designers

CJ O¡¯shopping+GENERAL IDEA ¡®CLASS 5¡¯ Launching


Samsung Galaxy S2 ¡°How to live SMART ¡° T-shirts Design

2011 ¡®Seoul City Top Designers' (LeeSangBong, SongZio, ChoiBumSuk)

The ministerial commendation from the 4th Korean Fashion Award